Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lens snapped on my SwissFlex glasses

I've been slightly careless, the damage seen in the photo was not caused by cleaning my lenses this time but from knocking my swissflex glasses off a low table onto the floor - a drop of about two foot. The floor is carpeted with a good underlay so the resulting break was disappointing and unexpected.

The optician said they would not replace just the one broken lens now as the spectacles are over two years old and apparently the transition / photo-chromatic coating on the current lenses would not react exactly the same as that of a brand new lens, so I'd have to have both lenses replaced at a cost of around £300.

I will say that after some initial adjustments and slight smoothing along the sharp edges of the plastic stems my swissflex were a very lightweight and comfortable eye-wear choice. Looks wise these specs are second to none but the one thing I didn't like about swissflex is their fragility and ultimately that became the deciding factor when it came to replacing them or just the lenses. I've now replaced my swissflex rimless frames with Titanium full frames because to me substance is more important than style.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fragile SWISSFLEX eyewear...

A word of warning to anyone with Swissflex eyewear, always be extremely careful when wiping them clean with the lens cloth.
Let me start off by saying that I'm pretty careful with my things, especially my glasses which I need to see anything close up. While I was cleaning the lenses with the bright red lens cloth provided, my specs suddenly came apart in my hands - the bridge had just completely snapped in half!
My Swissflex specs are now over a year old so the warranty had run out and that meant paying £49 for a replacement bridge. Now when I got them, these spectacles including lightweight lenses with all the coatings cost me about £450 (approximately $800 at the time) so I expected them to be a bit more durable than this.
As they say a picture tells a thousand words, you can see in the photograph below how sturdy the 'high-tech polymer' described on the Swissflex website really is...

So be warned that either the design of them or the material used means that bridge is likely to snap within a couple of years of normal usage. Well, that's been my experience anyway.